What if everyone in the world were all the same, like carbon-copy clones who look, think and act alike?

 Would such a society be able to function effectively?  Maybe so, but wouldn't it be BORING?  It's not the kind of world I would choose to live in.
Luckily we live in a world rich in culture and diversity, where each of us is unique and special in our own way.  There are so many different aspects to humanity - differences in race,sex, color, beliefs, age, culture, music, language, customs, sexual orientation, gender identity, special needs, health, social status and so on.....
The thing to remember is that each aspect is equally valid and important. We all have special talents and make worthwhile contributions to our society.  We all came into this world naked and unadorned, on equal terms and so shall we leave the world when the time comes. 
 But in the meantime.....we should spend our time here on Earth getting along with each other and trying to better ourselves.  The state of our world can be pretty depressing at times - wars, crime, terrorism, debates on religious freedom, hate crimes, marriage equality, discrimination, and even disareements over basic human rights.
We must learn to rise above all of this and work together to find solutions.  There are so many things that the leaders of our society can't agree on.  This hurts many people because different places have different laws, some of which protect people, and some that don't. Nobody should be ostracized or forced to live in fear just because of who they are or their what their situation in life is.  We're all human beings who need to be treated with dignity and respect. 

  ALL Americans, regardless of their situation in life, should have the same rights.   We, the people need to speak up , make our voices heard, let the higher powers know that we want hate and intolerance abolished and justice and equality for all.
The concept of respect seems so simple, and yet it's foreign to some.  No two individuals or groups are ever going to agree 100% on ANYTHING, but there are some who would try to impose their value system and/or beliefs on others, insisting that their way is the ONLY way.  This isn't true, as are there as many different ways to do things as there are people, all with equal validity.   No, we're not always going to agree with each other, but we have to at least show respect for the opinions, values and beliefs of others.  In trying to resolve our differences, we need to work together, to communicate effectively, to find some common ground, and learn to make compromises.  
 Before you make an opinion about something or someone, please do some research, get the facts, and weigh the pros & cons FIRST.  Don't jump to conclusions, don't do things just because others are doing them or because somebody else said so, and one of the biggest lessons we learn as children - DON'T judge a book by its cover.  Maybe this will make people stop to think about things - think outside the box once in a while - be open to changes - think for yourself and teach your children to do the same.  Be who you are, be healthy and happy being YOU and respect others enough to allow them to do the same. Who knows, you might even make a wonderful new friend in the process!
 If our world is to survive, we need to start putting aside the differences and focus on fixing what is broken in our society, healing our dying planet and start seeing the big picture,  to make this a better place for future generations.  Is the current state of affairs in the world really the legacy we want to leave our children?

Once we stop fearing our differences and start to embrace them and to really communicate with one another, we may be surprised to find out that in the long run. we're really not so different after all.  
This blog is intended to enlighten, educate and help promote respect and understanding about many different aspects of humanity.  Information will be added and updated as needed.  My hope is that in some small way, this will help people to see the beauty and the wonder of diversity, learn new things and make new friends that will help to enrich their quality of life and ultimately make things like intolerance and prejudice a thing of the past.

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